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About Us | North Elm Realty Group

North Elm Realty Group is a Real Estate Team at Century 21 First Canadian Corporation in London, Ontario. North Elm Realty Group was founded in 2022 by two REALTORS, Austin D. Titus, and Didi Roberts. Having worked in the industry for a combined 10 years prior to founding North Elm Realty Group, Austin D. Titus and Didi Roberts noticed that the Real Estate Industry needed change. There were noticeable corporate brands with a lack of personal touch and there were small individual teams that often lacked the lustre of the corporate brands. Overall, the real estate industry became a whole lot of the same simple brands doing the same thing.

Coming together with the world’s most recognizable brand in Real Estate, Century 21, North Elm Realty is able to provide clients with a unique offering. a new, boutique brand combined with a reputation that is unmatched in the real estate industry with Century 21. Our goal with North Elm Realty Group is to provide clients with different feelings when buying, selling, or investing in real estate. We want to make you feel at home again.

Meaning Behind North Elm

The idea of North Elm Realty Group initially started with the Forest City, otherwise known as London, Ontario, the city that North Elm Realty Group was founded in. Given that forestry is a massive piece of the London, Ontario identity, it was obvious to us that we needed to involve a tree in some aspect. The Elm Tree came to mind as it was often planted to protect homes in mythology. Expanding on the Elm Tree, it was important to celebrate the roots of the true North strong and Free – Canada. With the two names combined we were able to identify multiple roots to the name North Elm Realty Group. 

Top Real Estate Team in London Ontario

North Elm Realty Group is an Award Winning Real Estate Team at Century 21 First Canadian Corp., Brokerage, the largest Real Estate Brokerage in London, Ontario. North Elm Realty Group services South Western Ontario, this includes the London, St. Thomas and surrounding areas, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, and Kitchener Waterloo and surrounding areas. With a network of hand selected, and researched Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Ontario, Canada and the United States, North Elm Realty Group ensures you’ll have a same great buying or selling experience anywhere you go.